Our Vision

To make the most compelling cinematic experiences possible, to change your perception of the universe in ways you never imagined, and to distribute those experiences to theaters, museums, planetariums, zoos and aquariums to have the broadest reach possible.

Our History

Our past films include award-winning IMAX® and giant screen productions and transformative environmental documentaries with tremendous social impact.

We take on impossible challenges to bring you spectacular visions and unforgettable experiences of our world.

In 2018, we successfully launched our distribution division with our own films and the award-winning films from the National Geographic film library.

George Duffield

George produced feature films such as Milk and Dot the I starring Gael Garcia Bernal, which premiered at Sundance and won the Deauville Audience Award.

He produced the feature documentary The End of The Line which has been called “An Inconvenient Truth for the Oceans” by The Economist and which won the Puma Creative Impact prize for the film which has had the most global social impact.

He is the Co-Founder of the BLUE Marine Foundation, which is dedicated to creating effective Marine Reserves around the world


Taran co-founded Cosmic Picture in 2004 and conceived and produced the award winning IMAX® documentary film Journey to Mecca, and the giant screen movie Jerusalem.

He has also written and directed several critically acclaimed documentary films including Afghan Stories, which was described by the Anthology of Cult Films as one of the best documentary films ever made.

Taran studied filmmaking at Harvard (’93) and worked in finance and venture capital for several years in New York City.

Daniel Ferguson

Daniel has produced, written and directed films for National Geographic Studios, the National Wildlife Federation, History TV, Smithsonian Networks, France Television and Discovery Channel. His IMAX®/giant screen credits include Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance, Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France, Journey to Mecca and Jerusalem.

His most recent film is the feature documentary, Last of the Elephant Men. He sits on the board of the Giant Screen Cinema Association and the Alter-Ciné Foundation, which provides grants to filmmakers in the developing world.

Antonietta Monteleone

Industry veteran, Antonietta Monteleone, joined Cosmic Picture to launch the distribution business and expand the company’s position in the giant screen industry. Prior to Cosmic Picture, she was Vice President of Film Distribution for National Geographic, where she released over 20 iconic and award-winning giant screen films, including SEA MONSTERS: A PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE, U2 3D, RESTREPO, and JERUSALEM, just to name a few. She started in the industry managing film distribution for nWave Pictures, a Belgian film studio that produced films for both commercial and giant screen theaters.

Inspiring and educating our youth through a fun, immersive and entertaining medium is what drew Monteleone to the industry and what keeps her dedicated.

Dominic Cunningham-Reid

Dominic co-founded Cosmic Picture in 2004 and produced the award winning IMAX® documentary film Journey to Mecca, and conceived Superpower Dogs in 2014. Dominic has shot and produced documentary films for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Paramount Pictures, and News Corporation, and hosted the acclaimed National Geographic specials Diamonds of War and The War Next Door.

He worked as freelance journalist for Associated Press and Reuters covering conflicts in Africa and Afghanistan.

John Wickstrom

John has more than 25 years experience in production, distribution and exhibition of giant screen films with National Geographic, the Museum of Science and Industry and nWave Pictures. He was a distributor of Antarctica, and distributor and Production Executive on Mysteries of Egypt, both in the IMAX Hall of Fame. He served as NSF Co-Principal Investigator, Executive Producer, and Distributor for Solarmax. John was also Chairman of the Jerusalem Exhibitors Consortium, the theater advisory panel for Cosmic Picture's Jerusalem. In total John has distributed more than 25 films with a combined box office surpassing $1 Billion.

Jill Kasian

Jill Kasian, Producer, has been working in production and post-production on Giant Screen films for the past twenty years. Her credits include: Superpower Dogs (Associate Producer), Rocky Mountain Express (1st Assistant Director) and Jerusalem (Production & Post Coordinator).

Giant Screen Technology

Giant screen and IMAX® films are photographed with the highest resolution cameras and projected onto the largest screens on earth, to create an unique and unforgettable immersive experience.
Located in hundreds of the world’s most influential educational institutions, such as the Smithsonian in Washington DC, La Geode in Paris, and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, giant screen and IMAX® films are amongst the most successful documentary films of all time